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Puppy Playpens with style

It is always safer for your puppy if he is not running around free the house, while you are on some errands.

We found Clearly Loved Pets and we love the style and safely of their playpens.

Here a introduction of their company:

At Clearly Loved Pets we believe that the human-animal bond is an enduring relationship that promotes well-being and meets the need for love and affection in both humans and animals. The close relationship between pets and humans has a very long history. The bond is a deep, emotional connection central to the lives of pet owners (Charles, 2014). Increased efforts are now underway to scientifically examine the relationship between humans and their beloved non-human family members.

Research efforts exploring the impact of pet ownership now offer conclusive evidence indicating that pets have a positive impact on overall health. In addition, disease-specific research has been conducted on heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s Disease, allergies, autism, cancer, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Pet ownership impacts these conditions through a variety of physical and social mechanisms including decreasing blood pressure, anxiety, pain, fear, social isolation and increasing a sense of purpose (Human Animal Bond Research Initiative, 2016).

With research confirming what many have long-known, pet owners worldwide are seeking premium products for their multi-species homes. Clearly Loved Pets’ flagship product, our “clear” paneled, over-sized dog pen, addresses the need to protect your pet, and your home, while you are away. The design is intended for use in a family room, or other central location, so your pet does not feel disconnected from the home and family he/she wants to protect.

Most importantly, the guilty feeling of “caging” your dog is gone, as you ensure safety with a comfortable, beautiful, relaxing, “bedroom” for your dog(s).

In the future, look for more innovative, modern, pet supplies at Clearly Loved Pets.

References: Charles, N. (2014). ‘Animals Just Love You as You Are’: Experiencing Kinship Across the Species Barrier. Sociology, 48 (4), pp. 715-730

Human Animal Bond Research Initiative. (2016). Research: Understanding the Human Animal Bond. Retrieved from research

Origin of the Lucidium Pen

There are many reasons a person may need an enclosure for their pet; safety is a common concern. Whether you have a whelping dog, a new puppy, a post-surgical pup, a confused senior, or a rascal who gets into everything, sometimes it is necessary to provide security. Numerous options exist including cages, crates, x-pens (exercise pens), kennels, and dog gates.

While these options may be practical, let’s face it, they are usually not a pleasant addition to your home décor. Furthermore, most pet owners feel their pets are family members, and the use of a cage is becoming increasingly objectionable.

We felt it was time to search for a kinder alternative. Like other family members, your dog needs a safe and comfortable place to rest, a bedroom of their own. We thought it should be stylish, like the rest of your home. But what would your pup say?

We asked dogs what qualities they would like in their bedroom, and here are the results:

• 99% said, “We want to be as close to our family as possible.” • 98% said, “We want a large space, so we have room to move around.” • 90% said, “We want to have an interesting view.” • 99% of small dogs said, “I know you want me to hold it all day, but that is really hard for me and I am very uncomfortable. I really appreciate a spot where I can pee, and then rest comfortably until you get home.” • 75% said, “I don’t care that much what color it is and I want my family to be happy, so they can choose the color.” *except for poodles, they wanted to choose their own color. • 100% said, “I would rather go to work or school with my family than stay home alone, but if I need to be kept safely in a pen, the Lucidium Dog Pen is much better than a small cage.” • 100% said, “Thanks for asking.”

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