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Top Tips for Bringing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Home

All any new dog owner wants when bringing a puppy home is for them to settle with as little anxiety as possible and to live a long and happy life, right?

Unfortunately, many new owners are ill-prepared when they adopt a dog. Perhaps they are misinformed about health care, offer inconsistent training, or neglect breed-specific diets. Any one of these can result in a pet with poor health or negative behaviors which can make for a miserable relationship.

Fortunately, a little preparation and understanding can help ensure your puppy is healthy and that you are both happy together.

Respond to Your Puppy’s Needs

The first time your dog will truly try to communicate with you is when you bring them home for the first time. Being separated from their mother and brought into a strange home is a traumatic experience for a young puppy, so whining at night is common and natural. Rather than shutting your dog away in a part of the home where you won’t hear their crying, keep them close and comfort them when they need it. Before long, they will learn that you are their new primary caregiver and that they can sleep soundly in their new home.

While whining and barking are common sounds, dogs primarily use body language to convey their emotions. A happy dog will wag his or her tail, encourage play and have relaxed facial features and ears, while an anxious or fearful dog will tuck their tail between their legs and try to avoid eye contact with whatever is bothering them. Learn what makes your dog anxious so you are able to respond to their needs, keep them happy, and prevent them from becoming aggressive.

Encourage Good Habits

Dogs crave to know the rules of their environment. If you don’t take on the part of leader early, your dog will think that role belongs to them, making it harder to train them later in life. Start training them early and impose boundaries from the beginning, so your dog can be happy in an environment where the rules are consistent.

Equally important to training is to socialize your puppy. Once your vet has given the okay to take your puppy into public spaces—usually around 14-16 weeks—take advantage of this by going to a popular dog walking spot. Encourage your puppy to interact with other dogs of all ages and breeds so that they learn how to engage with other dogs. Specifically, socializing your puppy is a great training tool to teach boundaries. Puppies often get a bit over excited with other dogs at first, and adult dogs will offer a warning bark to put them in their place. This may seem scary, but it will actually train your dog not to play too rough with other dogs, people or children later in life.

Feed Your Puppy a Healthy and Regular Diet

Finally, for a dog to be happy and healthy, James Wellbeloved advise that they must eat a regular diet that is appropriate to their age, breed, and size. It is not uncommon for owners, in their quest to make their dog happy, to overfeed them treats or table scraps. Not only can this lead to bad habits, but it is disruptive to their diet, can cause health issues, and some human foods are toxic to dogs. Instead, feed your dog food which is specifically designed for them and follow the guidelines on the packaging to ensure you don’t over or underfeed them.

These are the bare basics any new owners should keep in mind from the beginning when adopting a puppy to give their new pet the best chance of being happy and, therefore, of keeping themselves happy and carefree, also. By taking the time to get healthcare, training, and diet right from the beginning, you will give your dog the best chance of living a comfortable life, and you will make your home a happy, dog-friendly place.

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Mirriam Duke
Mirriam Duke
Feb 22, 2022


Mirriam Duke
Mirriam Duke
Feb 22, 2022

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