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Questions & Answers

How long are you breeding dogs for?

Our family is breeding and raising top quality dogs since over 44 years and in third generation (grandfather, mother and now the granddaughter). We started with German Shepherd dogs in Germany, Stuttgart in 1980).

Where is your business located?

We are located just a little north of Miami Florida.


Are all your dogs pure bred?

Yes! All our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are to 100% pure bred and we can provide you with a 4-7 generation pedigree for each dog! We adore this beautiful breed and would never cross-breed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to achieve one of these "designer-breeds". They are actually not more than "muds". 


Do your dogs have any kind of health testing?

Yes. All our dogs have been DNA tested and are also free of the hereditary diseases. We test for Cardiac, Eye, Patellar, Chondrodyspasia (CDPA), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Drey Eye (DE), Curly Coat (CC), Episodic Falling (EF).

Do you have testimonials?

Yes. We are having many many testimonials. You can find some on our website, Google or visit our Facebook page and Instagram.

What kind of payment methods do you accept? 

For deposits we accept Cash app, Zelle, cash or financing. The balance paid by pick up, has to be made in cash.

Do you take credit cards, money order or personal checks?

NO! Small businesses are known to be victims of scams or chargeback frauds. 

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. We will do whatever we can to ensure your complete satisfaction which includes transferring your funds within a 2 year period to another litter or dog purchase.


Do you do any special health testings prior or during pregnancy?

Yes. All our breeding females and studs are going to see a licensed veterinarian prior breeding. They are getting dewormed again and the females will have several progesterone and vaginal smears done, to find the exact day of their ovulation. Both parents are on Nu-Vet multivitamin supplements to insure they are producing healthy and strong puppies for you. 

How often do you breed your female in her heat cycle?

We only breed our females twice in her heat cycle. More is unnecessary or even cruel. Breedings too early or too late can be very painful for a female and she could injure the stud. The health and well being of our dogs is our number one priority. ​


Do you show your dogs in any competitions?

Yes. We participating in conformation shows. We are also raising puppies suitable as emotional support dogs or therapy dogs.


What do you feed your dogs?

We are feeding our adult males and females Royal Canin Small Adult dry food. We are feeding our puppies and nursing mom's Royal Canin Small Puppy dry food .

How and where do your puppies grow up?

All our puppies are born inside our house and are a part of our family! They are around children, cats and larger dogs to make sure they will acclimate well with any kind of household. 

Will my puppy be vaccinated or microchipped?

Yes your puppy will come with his first two sets of vaccinations and is already microchipped.


Do you deworm your puppies?

Yes. We deworm all our puppies bi-weekly.


Will my puppy have any kind of training?

Yes. We will start them off with a formal house training on training pads and basic commands like "come" and "no" etc. 

Do you offer any kind of health guarantee?

Yes we are offering a lifetime health guarantee.


How often do you take pictures of your puppies?

We take the first pictures when the puppies are 2 weeks of age. After that, we update our pictures every 7-10 days.


Can I come and see the puppy first?

Not since the Covid-19. But usually we offer Meet&Greet appointments for families which first want to meet our puppies.

When can I come by for a Meet&Greet visit?

Our puppies can have their first visitors, after they received their second sets of vaccinations. By then you also will be able to have an idea, on how the personality and conformation of each puppy might be.


Are the parents on premises?

Yes the parents are on premises. An exemption would be, if we don't own the stud dog or the dog is touring for a AKC conformation show. 


When is my puppy ready for his new forever home?

Your puppy will be ready for its new forever home by 10-15 weeks of age and after his second set of vaccines. Some litters wean faster than others, we want to make sure your puppy is 100% ready for the big new world and is eating well his puppy food.

Can I transfer a deposit to another puppy?

Yes. You can transfer your deposit to any other available puppy until your original puppy is 8 weeks of age. 

Are your dogs suitable as emotional support or therapy dogs?

Our puppies are suitable as emotional support or therapy dogs. Just let us know for what you are looking for and we can help you to choose the right puppy for your needs.

Can you recommend me a professional local dog trainer?

Yes. We also offer inboard dog and puppy training.

What kind of temperament and personality does the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have??

A Cavalier is good with children, older owners and even with strangers. Read More


What makes you a good breeder?

We are a recognized AKC B.R.E.D with Heart Breeder and visit their canine seminars regularly, to assure our education is always growing and on point. We care about the wellbeing of our dogs and puppies, provide them with the best healthcare available and spend plenty of one-on-one time with each and every dog daily.

What if I can't keep my puppy/dog anymore?

If you can't keep your dog or puppy anymore, we are gladly taking them back and look for a new good home for them. No monies will be returned.


Do you offer financing?

Yes. We do offer financing through Credova and Wags Lending. 

Do you offer shipping?

Yes.We have a Flight Nanny for nationwide shipping, $750. The wait is usually between 3-10 days. No international shipping at this moment.

Will the puppies come with any kind of papers?

Yes our puppies will have limited AKC. registration papers. These papers will be handed out, after proof of spaying/ neutering the puppy. You may be able to purchase breeding rights to receive Full AKC after we researched your kennel.

Can World Class Cavaliers deny a potential customer?

Yes. We can deny a potential customer and/or refund a deposit (from our side) for any reasons, or no reasons at all, without giving any explanations.

Do you sell Teacup Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies?

There are no teacup King Charles Cavalier puppies. If you see a smaller one, then it's a runt.


Do you take the dog or puppy back if it doesn't work out between us?

For purchased puppies or adult animals, whether trained or not, we cannot guarantee that the said animal will adjust to you, your family or environment. World Class Cavaliers cannot be held responsible for the personal likes, or dislikes of any animal being adopted or purchased through us. We ask that adopting families take great care and thought into the adoption process.  This is a creature that will be affected by life changes.  Please be considerate of the precious creatures feelings and needs, especially adjustment periods.  

We will do whatever we can to ensure your complete satisfaction, including assistance in training for the dog or you and your family members.

Under no circumstances will we refund any money for; returned, exchanged or rescue dogs / puppies


Do you offer any kind of customer support after I picked up the puppy?

Yes. We are offering life time customer service support!

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